Let Us Know About Snap Mail!

Snapmail is a messaging service like email, but to send and receive texts, you use a social media site.
Users on the site can send and receive text, pictures, videos, and documents with other users.
Snapmail texts can only be seen for a short time before being deleted automatically.
This makes it a more private and short-term way to talk.
People often use it for short, relaxed chats with family and friends. Snapmail is an email application developed by Workday, a leading provider of cloud-based human resources and financial management software. This application is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Workday system and enhance communication within an organization. In this way, Snapmail is closely related to the Workday course as it is an essential tool for professionals who are undergoing Workday training.

How to write a mail on Snap Mail


Self-destructing text emails for Gmail. Available for Google Chrome.